Novel "I Love Judo, I Love Sandra"

a novel of growing up and - coming of age; tale of friendship and contribution to prevention of peer violence. The story deals with growing violence among children on the street and in the school. The novel was also written in the manner to be attractive and understandable to all children. To children that have love problems at that age as well, and particularly to children who have problems with violent children of same age, just because they are weaker than them, because they are overweight, of more tender build, or because they are simply different in any way.

Announcement of novel "I’m Taking You to Tokyo"

“I’m Taking You to Tokyo” is a moving tale about a teenager who has gone astray and cannot get back easily. Once he is in the hands of the police, Goran understands he will have a hard time leaving bad company and that he is in for some real hell now. You will follow him through at least two unusual places: a juvenile prison and Japan. However, amid the murky story a magic of goodness occurs. In a wondrous way, Goran receives a chance to get back, because particles of good change his world. Even the toughest of you should not be surprised if a tear or two slide down reading this story. Aficionados of Japan and judo will be especially flattered with descriptions of Japan, Tokyo, the Japanese culture and events in the renowned Kodokanu, where, in the midst of all teenage girls, one Japanese is special. This is Nami.

Books: "Olympic stories"

We would like to tell you stories a bit different, unusual. Stories of people that, doing sports, experienced – or still experience – beauty and happiness. These are stories of athletes, real, true sports stories.

Books: "Kid Athletes"

A manual for parents for choosing the right sport for the child as well as for physical education teachers in kindergartens and primary schools. Aimed at children aged 6-12. It consists of 5 books; 345 pp; 26 Olympic sports.

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