Choose Sport – a judo training in the Zagreb primary school Malešnica

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Things are a bit different with the coach Beata; there must be some play during the training. We are showing you these photos from the training in the Zagreb primary school Malešnica, where the judo coach Beata Guszak trains with children who got involved in judo through the project Choos Sport – co-financed by EU through the European Social Fund.

Sport must not be a luxury because of expensive sports equipment, but available to everybody as a right of the child to healthy development. Sport is there for us to be together in play, merriment, wins and losses. The project Choose Sport, by procuring sports equipment – judo kimonos – and free memberships to judo clubs – enables all children to do sports, regardless of social differences. We are implementing it together with the partner, the Zagreb Judo Union, and in cooperation with 12 primary schools in Zagreb.

Choose Sport. Train with us.

The implementation of the project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund. 

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