Project: Choose sport

3. Extracurricular programme for primary schools of the Town of Rijeka: Kid athletes

3.1. Training of teachers in primary schools grades 1 through 4

Selection and training of lecturers for the implementation of the curriculum “Kid Athletes.” Lecturers are selected from regular primary school grades 1 through 4 from the primary schools.

Primary school teachers (32) from the Town of Rijeka, who have gone through the educational workshop will undertake, in 32 classrooms, the ten hour extracurricular programme “Kid Athletes,” in a fun and educational manner, along with questions, opinions and pre-existing experience of pupils. Through an interactive approach, they will bring home the world of sport to pupils, and motivate them to get involved.

Based on the ten hour theoretical curriculum “Kid Athletes,” in which the “Kid Athletes” books are being used as an auxiliary means of teaching, the pupils will in a manner adapted to them, through the lecture, get to know the basic principles, characteristics and specifics of 26 Olympic sports.

The primary schools (15) of the Town of Rijeka that implemented the programme “Kid Athletes,” within the project “Choose Sport:”

Primary school Brajda - Verica Čurković PB
Primary school Centar - Nataša Mesaroš Grgurić 1.
Primary school Zamet - Sonita Penavin 2. Nelita Škorić 2.
Primary school - Scuola elementare Dolac - Izabela Lasan 2.b ; Irena Bočić Kliman 3.b
Primary school - Scuola elementare San Nicolo - Tašana Bobanović 2.a
Primary school Kozala - Ariana Brusić 2.a
Primary school Eugen Kumičić - Doris Valenta 4.
Primary school Pećine - Marijanka Križ 2. ; Divna Bjelanović 1. ; Christiana Jelača 3. ; Nikolina Tomljanović

Primary school Brajda - Verica Čurković PB
Primary school Trsat - Bojana Gajski 4.
Primary school Gornja Vežica - Mandica Drakula 1.b
Primary school Ivana Zajca - Ana Puljić 2. ; Kristina Lalić 2.
Primary school Pehlin - Bosiljka Rajić ; Nataša Rajčić 2.b ; Marina Businello 2.c ; Martina Turkalj 2.a
Primary school Srdoči - Vesna Antić 1.
Primary school Fran Franković - Ivona Trtani Šneler PRO; Radmila Pešut 1.c; Jasmina Pajalić 1.b; Anamarija Uremović 4.c; Angela Peračković 4.d; Martina Turk 2. PB; Brigitta Janeš Reš 4.b Primary school Nikola Tesla - Tanja Škarica 2. ; Davorka Grce 2.

3.2. The implementation of the extracurricular programme

Curriculum tasks:

- To enable the pupils to acquire, in a fun and interactive way, utilising the book “Kid Athletes,” the fundamental theoretical knowledge of sport, and to become acquainted with the Olympic movement and the Olympic games
- To motivate the pupils to activity i.e. physical exercise, development and fun through the dimension of sport for the purposes of health, by adopting the habits of the healthy lifestyle
- To familiarise the pupils in a fun way with different types of sports and their basic structure of movement
- To teach students and motivate them to independently act when selecting the sport, to motivate them and to develop a long term interest for an activity
- To point out to the development and fostering of hygiene and diet
- To acquaint students with the historical development of individual sports, the ancient Olympic games and the modern Olympic games .

3.3. Educational materials Choose sport

Zadatci Nastavnog plana i programa:

The series of books “Kid Athletes” is targeted at children aged 6 to 12 – the age when children start doing sport. These textbooks, in an affirmative manner adapted to children (illustrations, photographs, comics), provide descriptions to 26 Olympic sports, elaborate upon the importance of doing sport, and bring home the principles of the Olympic movement and Olympic Games, motivating children to choose for themselves the physical activity i.e. sport they like best.

The textbooks are found in school libraries and are available to pupils on the daily basis and will be used for the implementation of classes on sport and the extracurricular programme “Kid Athletes.”

The series “Kid Athletes” was published in 2008 and was supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO), which is simultaneously proof these textbooks meet the highest expertise standards in sport literature. Under a ruling by the Agency for Education, in 2011, these books became an auxiliary teaching aid for the subject Physical Education and Health Culture in grades 1 through 4 of primary schools.

Educational materials used in the Extracurricular programme “Kid Athletes:”

  1. Curriculum
  2. Progress diary (register of pupils, observations and notes by the lecturer on the implementation of the programme)
  3. Textbooks “Kid Athletes 1-5” (auxiliary teaching aid)
  4. Educational posters “Choose Sport“
  5. Evaluation questionnaires for pupils “A Word from Pupils”

Educational posters “Choose Sport” are visibly exhibited in school halls and poster boards, so they are presented each day to large numbers of pupils. Through their content, the posters educate but also additionally motivate the mass inclusion of pupils into sport.