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The series of books “Kid Athletes” is targeted at children aged 6 to 12 – the age when children start doing sport.

These textbooks, in an affirmative manner adapted to children (illustrations, photographs, comics), provide descriptions to 26 Olympic sports, elaborate upon the importance of doing sport, and bring home the principles of the Olympic movement and Olympic Games, motivating children to choose for themselves the physical activity i.e. sport they like best.

The principal characters of these books are comic book creations who differ by sight and character, and look just like ordinary kids. Prompted by their physical education teacher, they choose to do sports but the main question is “Which sport to choose?“ The teacher points them in the direction of trying all sports so everybody can find the one suited to him or her best.Kid readers thus, in a fun and merry way, find information on different sports and get to know their values, which enables them to recognise the sport that is right for them.

The series “Kid Athletes” was published in 2008 and was supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO), which is simultaneously proof these textbooks meet the highest expertise standards in sport literature. Under a ruling by the Agency for Education, in 2011, these books became an auxiliary teaching aid for the subject Physical Education and Health Culture in grades 1 through 4 of primary schools..

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Written by: Vitomir Spasović (1964), a judo player, a physical education teacher and a sports publicist.
Illustrated by: Matija Dražović (1980), a painter.

Project supported by the Ministry of Health 2014/2015. The picture books “Olympic Stories,” supported by the International Olympic Committee - Olympic Solidarity, within the programme “Promotion of Olympic Values - “Sport for All” and the Croatian Olympic Committee in 2013.

Vitomir Spasović

Vitomir Spasović
Vitomir Spasović was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1964, where he resides. He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education of the University of Zagreb.

He has enjoyed an excellent sports career, being a member of the Croatian national judo team, and winning the very first international medal for Croatia in judo during an international tournament in 1992, after which he was the selector for the Croatian senior national judo team. Today, he is into sports pedagogy and deals with inclusion of children into sports because of their positive impact on their appearance and health, and behavior, habits and education in particular.

He developed projects in this area that are helpful to parents and children for choosing the right sport for themselves. He is the author of the series of children's books "Kid Athletes," the picture books "Olympic Stories" and the creator of the project for health prevention "Choose Sport". For the books and the projects, the author has received support from the International Olympic Committee and the Croatian Olympic Committee and numerous Croatian medical and educational institutions.

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