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Can you imagine the world without bedtime stories? How would people act had they not listened in their childhood to stories from grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers? What would dreams look like if children, as stories end, did not slowly close their eyes and, tucked in, clamly went to sleep in their beds?

A good story, if it is supplemented by the soft hand that caresses the child’s head slowly following its rhythm, is the infallible method to put little listeners to sleep. And the story can speak of anything: about the forever boy Peter Pan, the good girl Little Red Riding Hood, her grandmother and the dangerous wolf, mama goat and the seven recalcitrant calves, the gorgeous Snow White and dwarves, the wooden Pinnochio, the tiny Bambi...

In these stories, good always triumphs, happiness overcomes. Even the wolf or the witch in them are not that dangerous and wicked. Grown ups gladly return to the goodnight stories of their childhood. They thus do not only recall to memory the characters from the stories, but also the voice of the narrator, the image of the dim light of the small lamp, the scent of fresh linen, the feeling of easy slipping into the world of dreams.Storytelling on famous athletes through the series “Olympic Stories,” the basic goal is the development of the interest in pupils of younger ages to do sports, simultaneously promoting the fundamental human and social values: kindness, non-violence, tolerance, perseverance, dilligence and friendship regardless of religion, race or gender – in the Olympic spirit.

Aware of how much the stories they went to sleep with impacted them, they want to prolong the magic, so they transfer them to their children and grandchildren. Adults know that bedtime stories do not merely form pleasant dreams but also what we call past – which in turn shapes us.

We would like to tell you stories a bit different, unusual. Stories of people that, doing sports, experienced – or still experience – beauty and happiness. These are stories of athletes, real, true sports stories. You will learn everything of the tiny Jigoro Kano who wanted to be big and strong so he started with judo, about the deft skater Sonia Henie who was, on account of incredible ice jumps, dubbed Miss Hoppla, about the gymnast Leon Štukelj who, thanks to regular exercise, lived to be a hundred, about the fantastic pole vaulter Sergei Bubka, about the Snow Queen, the invincible Janica Kostelić, and a host of other famous athletes and winners of medals, Olympic winners.

All these greats, winners of the shiniest world medals, started doing sports when they were kids. We shall reveal to you their path to success, and all the great things they experienced doing sport.

We trust these stories will do their task and finally get the little listerners to sleep, who, in their dreams, will do judo, skate, pole vault, do gymnastics etc. And one day, turn part of their dreams into reality by becoming athletes.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A PUBLISHER. Association MOVEMENT (POKRET) has the copyright of this book (outside Croatia).

Project supported by the Ministry of Health 2014/2015. The picture books “Olympic Stories,” supported by the International Olympic Committee - Olympic Solidarity, within the programme “Promotion of Olympic Values - “Sport for All” and the Croatian Olympic Committee in 2013.

Milka Babović

Milka Babović (1928),Croatian track and field athlete and the doyen of sports journalism. The very first Olympic Games she reported from were the Olympic Games held in Rome in 1960.
Vitomir Spasović (1964), a judo player, a physical education teacher and a sports publicist.
Matija Dražović (1980), a painter.

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