On the occasion of the world Judo day


ON THE OCCASION OF THE WORLD JUDO DAY – let us introduce you the book „I Love Judo, I Love Sandra“, written by Croatian author Danica Juričić Spasović.

This is novel intended for children of 10 to 14. Both judo beginners but also older judokas, who remember with nostalgia the nice moments spent in their judo clubs, will recognize themselves in this book. This is also a vibrant and beautiful story about the growing up and inseverable friendship of judokas who trained and competed together.

The author has been awarded by International Judo Federation (IJF) for the promotion of Judo educational values in literature.

Here is a brief outline of the plot:

You don’t have to be big and strong in order to win read the inscription on the notice which looked to the boy Antonio like a solution of all his problems.

This eleven-year old seeks delivery from the street and school bullies, new friends, strength and confidence in a judo club. Antonio experiences all the phases of judo from the moment when he first put on the kimono up to the test for the yellow belt and participation at the first competition. And not only that! Through judo Antonio learns how to acquire confidence and courage. In this he is helped by the coach who teaches the young judokas tolerance, self-respect, but also the respect of the rival, and thus also teaches them the realities of life.

The founder of judo, Jigoro Kano is often quoted in the book, speaking about judo as a kind of education focused on making us better people. For many reasons this novel is interesting both to boys and girls training some other sport, or not involved in sport at all.

Pervaded with the rapture and affliction of the first love for a girl, sweet Sandra, school tricks and judo club gimmicks, persistence, courage, difficult decisions, the feeling of victory, laughter and occasional tears – this is a novel to remember.