Project "Choose sport"

The project was implemented in cooperation with the department of the Town office for education and with the department of the Town office for sports and technical culture, aiming at pupils of the primary schools of the Town of Rijeka 2014/2015.

The project “Choose Sport” promotes the physical activity of lower grade primary school pupils through the dimension of sport, for the purposes of developing a healthy lifestyle. The project motivates pupils to, alongside their education and newly gained expertise, independently choose the sport best suited to them, where they shall have most fun and in which they shall feel good.

In an adapted and acceptable manner, pupils are presented the basic characteristics and principles of 26 Olympic sports. By including children into a certain sport, sport activity or a sport association, through systematic training, we develop in them, apart from healthy habits necessary for the preservation of health, discipline and communication skills, team spirit and the feeling of belonging, the experience of confirmation – but we also create resilience to failure and those situations where somebody else is better in something. In this way, children experience their levels of self-respect and self-confidence being fostered.

One of the fundamental criteria for the right selection of sport is that the child himself/herself participates in the selection of the activity for him/her, in the manner of being sufficiently informed of the whole array of activities, being able to recognise and choose the sport it likes best, and where most fun is to be had.

Mass, constant inclusion of pupils into sport, at which the project aims, results in the creation of the habit of continuous exercise, thereby including into their identity doing sports as something that is self-understood. In the manner, we expect the development of the healthy nation in the long term.

Top sport is being populated by those able and those that can, who have the predispositions and the talent for an individual sport. We thereby create the impression we keep track of such “excellent” athletes even while we talk of sport and discuss them, while we are neglecting “a whole iceberg below the sea” of the young, the adult and even those of older age -.which is the foundation of each sport. Sport today should have a greater social value and the Croatian Olympic Committee, through the project “Choose Sport,” want to, apart from the importance of winning Olympic medals, place even greater importance on doing sports by the wider population and the creation of a healthy and useful community.

We expect that individuals will be created from mass inclusion into sport, who will, through their ability and work, achieve noticeable sport results, perform at the Olympics, even win medals there, which would be proof of the quality and the pride of this local strategy and the project “Choose Sport,” and which would as well be additional motivation for us.

Project goals

  • Promotion of physical activity as health prevention (prevention of obesity and the appearance of all risky behaviour in youth)
  • Education, motivation and mass inclusion of children into sport associations and clubs in the manner that children, based on the implemented programme, have sufficient information for independent selection of sport type best suited to them
  • Implementation of the programme in the local community simultaneously aids the work and the development of sport associations and clubs i.e. increases their membership which is the fundamental basis of their existence
  • Connecting educational and sport institutions through the organisation of educational expert lectures, on the topic of motivating and directing children into sport, developing the healthy lifestyles in pupils and teachers in schools, coaches in clubs and parents.


The project is supported by the International Olympic Committee – Olympic Solidarity, within the framework of the programme “Promotion of Olympic Values – Sport for All,” and the Croatian Olympic Committee 2014/2015