Sport teaches respecting others and self respect in many ways

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Sport teaches respecting others and self respect in many ways. During the health and physical education culture class in the Zagreb primary school Julije Klović, these kids witnessed a presentation of sports – and they are already familiar with lots of them. The children like the picture books Kid Athletes, that the project Choose Sport provides for the school. They chose to practice the greeting of judo contestants prior to a competition – a bow to one’s adversary. The Japanese have judo in schools as a skill used for upbringing, and this is a way to show respect to your adversary at a competition before and after a fight. Even if you lose, and if you win, you should not be down in misery or up in elation, but respectfully bow to the one you competed.

The goal of the project is mass inclusion of children into sport, and creation of habits of long term involvement in sport. The project addresses the general population of children of school age, but its target group are children in adverse social standing and, thereby, who are at risk of social exclusion (children with unemployed parents, with parents who receive children’s benefits, those children without appropriate parenting, those from single parent families, from families with three or more children and the children with behavioral issues), and who are given free memberships to judo training in judo clubs of the Zagreb Judo Union: judo club “Lika“ and judo club “Zagreb,“ where they will further receive free sports equipment – a judo kimono.

The implementation of the project is co-financed by EU, from the European Social Fund.  

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