World Judo Day was celebrated also by the attendees of the JudoIN project by planting olives for the better future of our planet

Choose sport – Choose judo

Judo is a dynamic sport, full of vigour and explosiveness and a whole array of different techniques for throws the players use eager to win. Though they fly through the air, because of their physical fitness and well learnt falls they mastered at a young age, they are protected from injuries which are rare in the sport. Ever since their first trainings, judo players are safe on the tatami, which is the credit of their coaches, such as Nikolina Šimunić. Choose sport. Choose judo.

The goal of the project Choose Sport is mass inclusion of children into sport and the creation of the habits of long term of doing sports. The project addresses the general population of school children, while the target group are children in adverse social standing, thereby at risk of social exclusion (children whose parents are unemployed, whose parents are beneficiaries of children’s benefits, without appropriate parental care, from single parent families and families with three or more children and with behavioural issues), who are given free training in the clubs of the Zagreb Judo Union: the judo club “Lika“ and the judo club “Zagreb.”

Implementation of the project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund.
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